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Added on October 25, 2023

Job Description

We are looking for a person attentive to details for an Economist position, within a company in Bihor, specialized in the injection of plastic masses, molds and assembly.

A. Accounting
• Records accounting operations chronologically and systematically: supplier invoices, house, statements
bank, loans, depreciation, withholding tax, insurance, etc...
• Creates new articles according to established rules;
• Prepares receipt notes (fixed assets, receipt notes for the mechanical workshop, etc…..)
• Prepares consumption vouchers
• Sends the accounting documents to the accounting expert for verification and approval;
• Prepares the necessary documents for carrying out the inventory;
• Records stock decreases/increases following the inventory;
• Prepares and submits the INS report;
• Prepares and submits the INTRASTAT declaration;
• Schedule payments to suppliers, the state budget, other bodies;
• Tracks the timely collection of invoices from clients;
• Relaunches clients for payment of due invoices;
• Updates the financial indicators dashboard monthly;

B. Budget
• Monthly updates the budget for the current year;
• Warns the general manager/administrator in time of possible cash problems;
• Participate at the end of the year in the preparation of the annual budget;

C. Administrative
• Prepares the necessary documentation for the evaluation of fixed assets at the deadlines
• File/classify accounting documents.
• Updates the Insurance table (expenses in advance) • Prepares/transmits monthly the situation for the insurance of receivables to COFACE

D. Salary calculation
• Draws up the collective monthly attendance sheet;
• Checks/records medical certificates;
• Order/distribute meal tickets;
• Calculates salary rights;
• Distributes salary flyers;
• Schedules the payment of salaries;
• Prepares the social declarations and sends them to the accounting expert for verification;
• Draws up/issues certificates at the request of employees;
• Archives/classifies human resources documents
• Updates the dashboard of human resources indicators;
E. Employment/Resignations/Other
• Prepares the necessary documents for hiring the staff recruited according to the procedure;
• Prepares documents related to resignations and dismissals;
• Registers in Revisal any change to the CIM/new contract;
• Prepares retirement/child raising/other files according to the legislation in force;
• At the end of the year, he prepares the vacation planning for the following year.

Professional skills
​•Accounting experience in production
• general and analytical accounting
• fiscal legislation
• labor Code
• financial analysis
• communication techniques
• accounting computer programs
• foreign languages: English
Necessary skills and behaviors: rigor, discretion, adaptability, sense
organizations, reactivity, capacity for analysis and synthesis, relational capacity, the capacity to
listen, vigilance.

• Equipment: PC, telephone, company car

Job type: Full time, Full time

Requirements for Economist

  • Education level: Bachelor's Degree
  • Sector of activity: Accounting, Production
  • Career Level: Clerk
  • Language skills: Romanian, English
  • Application deadline: November 25, 2023
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