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Ana Human Resources
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Ana Human Resources was founded in Oradea, in 2015, out of the desire to offer an accessible and specialized place to meet the demand for human capital. Our mission is to contribute to increasing the quality of work in organizations.

With a motivated, trained and experienced team, we are committed to supporting you in your HR activities through effective and comprehensive approaches.

The values that animate us are:

  • Creativity in finding HR solutions
  • Adaptation to the specifics of each business
  • Dedication and passion

We value human capital and believe in the unique contribution of people to the development of organizations, which is why we seek the best match between personal talent and employment opportunities.

We present the program

a senior.

Are you over 45 and looking for a job? Sign up now for the program "Hire a senior” and we help you find a job. Participants of the "Hire a senior" program benefit from assistance and promotion in finding a suitable job. We appreciate your experience.

Create an account using the sign up button below and you can start looking for a job.

Are you an employer and do you want stable and experienced employees? If so, hire a senior you can rely on. You facilitate the transfer of information between generations and you are socially responsible. Hire today and pay a small commission in 6 months if he convinced you. Create an employer account using the button below or contact us for a quote.


Discover the latest jobs added
  • HR year logo

    HR Manager

    Adăugat în 31 May, 2023
    WE ARE GROWING OUR TEAM! Ana Human Resources is looking for a candidate for the position of HR Manager.
  • HR year logo

    Mid-Senior .NET Developer

    Adăugat în 31 May, 2023
    We are looking for a Mid-Senior .NET Developer to join a team from a company based in Oradea. Our client is active in the software development field developing a solution implemented in many fields...
  • HR year logo


    Adăugat în 31 May, 2023
    Ana Human Resources is looking for a candidate for the position of Recruiter. The right person for this position will be creative and organized. In our team, you will be able to capitalize on your...
  • HR year logo

    Logistics Technician

    Adăugat în 31 May, 2023
    We are looking for a Logistics Technician for a company in Bihor, whose field of activity is plastic injection, moulds, assembly. The objectives of this position are to supply in the best c…
  • HR year logo

    Frontend Developer with Angular

    Adăugat în 31 May, 2023
    We аrе looking for a Junior Frontеnd Dеvеlopеr to link together thе world of dеsign and tеchnology, packing up to the utility of thе backеnd in аn inviting way for usеrs to interаct with using Ja…